Audio/Video intercom (VoIP) for visitor communication / Face recognition system for highly secure biometric identification / Ethernet (TCP/IP) connectivity with Power-over-Ethernet / Intuitive touch screen user interface / Integrated RFID reader


Biometric features such as the face are unique and identify a person without any doubt. Face detection also provides a high level of acceptance because it€˜s safe, quick and easy to use. It requires no contact and is therefore harmless and hygienic. The technology which is used by Adatis is based on latest research results, working with a three-dimensional acquisition of the face in the invisible infrared range. When a face in front of the camera is detected, it is measured three dimensional and the extracted features are compared against features stored in a database of the unit. All this takes less than one second. As only abstract features are stored a reconstruction of a face from the features is not possible. The device automatically detects whether a person is standing in front of the door and opens the door if the person is known - it can€˜t get more comfortable than this.

(*only FaceEntry)


FaceEntry® allows the combination of biometry using 3D face detection, RFID and PIN code. So you can enhance the security according to your requirements or migrate from traditional access cards to a state-of-the-art biometric system


The high-contrast color LCD screen offers many options. Not only your company logo will brilliantly stand out, the free programmability of graphics leaves room for additional information about your company and your presentation to the outside - away from the usual monotony towards an unmistakable flagship of your company.


Ever since the proliferation of smartphones, everyone knows the benefits of touch technology. By pointing a finger you ring the door bell or choose a contact from the phone list - nice to have this now also available for your entrance. 


Visitors either choose their desired point of contact directly using the built-in phone book - or ring the door bell for the receptionist. As the unit is networked, distance does not matter any more and the receiving station can be anywhere in the world. The high quality echo cancellation allows for natural voice communication, without loosing a word. At the same time you will see the person and the situation in front of the door, live and in color, anytime, even if no one is ringing.


Now you do not miss visitors any more: You can leave messages for each individual contact person in the company. Not only do you get the message when you return to the company. Thanks to the video recording you also see, who was there to visit you. (*in conjunction with SIP-servers such as Asterisk or similar)


Inform visitors, suppliers or couriers of your opening hours, or what to do in the time of your absence. No more handwritten stick-on labels on the door, here comes the electronic state-of-the-art solution: The display shows a sticky note with a message of your choice.


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