Guaranteed proof against loss, mislaying, theft or counterfeiting: Using a finger as a front door key. Siedle Fingerprint provides the convenience and security of biometric identification to every front door.

Siedle uses the most secure technology available: A thermal line sensor with alive recognition. As the finger is not placed on but drawn over the sensor, it does not leave any usable traces. At the same time, the sensor is continuously cleaned through use.

Siedle Fingerprint can be used without restrictions in outdoor environments. 

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Classical with a receiver or as a handsfree unit, mounted on the wall or table, as a standard model or with deluxe functions in a metal, wood or paintwork finish - the choice is yours.

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Hearing is good. Seeing is safer. Taking an unmistakable close look beats asking "who is it?" every time. A video surveillance system provides a significant gain in terms of both security and convenience over conventional intercom systems. And all with the added bonus of the outstanding installation and design versatility offered by Siedle systems.

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Since the invention of the door intercom system, Siedle has focused on achieving continuous improvement. We have been working towards this goal for over 70 years with passion, commitment and the quest for perfection which is reflected in each and every one of our products.

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